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Synergy Audio Visual is an importer and distributor of premium audio and video products for Australia.

Nestled in the sunny hills of Heidelberg, Melbourne, our dedicated team provides full support for our brands, our resellers and their customers all the while sipping fine coffee. We carefully select the highest quality brands from around the world, bringing to Australia their commitment for exceptional performance, design and engineering.

In a sea of ubiquitous and boring products, our brands stand out and share a passion for excellence.  They invest heavily in research and development.  Similarly, our reseller partners are amongst the finest specialists in the country allowing customers to sit back, enjoy the products, the movies and the music.








About Philip Sawyer, Founder and Director

Growing up in suburban Melbourne, I saved for a Sanyo C3 Boom Box and Sharp Optonica Bilateral Turntable. True Hi-Fi to listen to my Spandau Ballet and Hall and Oats records. Or so I thought. But then CD arrived and along came the Philips CD203. Wow. Perfect Sound Forever! Could it get any better? But I wanted more…

With a lifetime passion for music and movies, it was only natural to found Synergy Audio Visual in 1995. Since then, we have a built a fantastic team offering wonderful and exciting products. Working with some of the finest people from around Australia and the World, we invite you to drop us a line.

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