April 4, 2019

Cambridge Alva TT -The world’s first Bluetooth APTX HD Turntable

In a world first, British Hi-Fi specialist Cambridge Audio has developed a direct drive turntable featuring aptX HD wireless audio. By supporting high resolution 24- bit/48kHz streaming over Bluetooth to compatible amplifiers, speakers and headphones, the Alva TT delivers convenient and seamless, wireless streaming that doesn’t compromise on audio quality. Combining 50 years of British audio engineering expertise with cutting-edge digital technology, the Alva TT is the perfect turntable for the modern vinyl collector.

Key Features:
• Bluetooth AptX HD – Wireless Hi-Res streaming. Place the turntable anywhere.
• Built-in Phonostage – No need for extra boxes. Keep your setup simple.
• Pre-installed High-output Moving Coil Cartridge – Pristine musical detail. No tricky setup.
• Direct Drive & High-Density Platter – Consistent speed. Pitch-perfect reproduction.
• Single-Piece Tone-Arm – Lightweight and strong. Tracks your records flawlessly.

Turntables may seem like the most traditional of all the audio devices available today, but with the new Alva TT, Cambridge Audio has proven that there’s still room for innovation. The Alva TT is the world’s first turntable with integrated aptX HD audio. Developed by Qualcomm, the aptX HD audio codec enables Bluetooth devices to deliver 24-bit/48kHz LPCM wireless sound, which is indistinguishable from wired high resolution audio. That means the Alva TT can wirelessly stream audio from any records it plays to aptX HDequipped amplifiers like Cambridge Audio’s own Edge A or Edge NQ, as well as compatible
aptX HD-equipped Bluetooth speakers and headphones, with no discernible loss of quality. This gives the music fan more options regarding the Alva TT’s placement in the home, as there’s no requirement to run a cable from turntable to amplifier. The Alva TT can be paired with Bluetooth devices in seconds, requiring only a single button press, and is compatible with SBC and aptX devices in addition to aptX HD products.


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